To make a payment on your balance, please call our office at 352-371-3604.


We take all major credit cards.

Keys to Understanding Insurance Payments & Our Balance Statements


Please help us to help you save money on your family's medical care expenses. We take extra care to ensure that we bill your insurance correctly and efficiently so that you receive the maxium benefits from your insurance policy, and to avoid wasting valuable time and money.


Up-to -Date Information

In order to help us with the claim filing, claim payment and balance statement process, please make sure you provide us with the following information for your children:

  • Up-to-date medical insurance card and policy holder information

  • Your current billing address

Its really that simple - we will take care of processing your claims from there.


Correspondence our office sends to you in the mail

Please review any correspondence we send to you in the mail carefully.  Also, please address any insurance or payment problems soon as this will avoid creating further problems.


We send our patients 3 types of correspondence: (1) Balance Statements (2) Insurance Notifications and (3) Next Appointment Postcards 


1. Balance Statements

  • Our office reviews each billing statment before it is forwarded to you.

  • On each statement, we provide a reason for your balance in the Comments section.

  • Any statment balance must be paid within 30 days

  • We do not send out a billing statement prior to claim prcessing (i.e. the balance is based on what your insurance states that you owe after the initial claim processing)

  • Please call our office (352-371-3604) to make payment on a balance, update us with any insurance information or ask for further explanation of a balance.


2. Insurance Notifications

At times, your insurance (especially Blue Cross Blue Shield, Florida Blue and Health Options) needs to update their records prior to processing your medical claims for payment. Most often, these notifications state that your child may no longer be covered under your policy or that the insurance needs to know if you have any other medical insurance coverage (referered to as a Coodination of Benefits (COB) notice).  Our office will notify you by mail when your insurance needs this information from you to process your claims. Please attend to these matters by calling your insurance company in a timely matter so that your claims are paid on time and with minimal effort.


3. Appointment Reminder Postcards or Letters

We review your child's chart regularly to make sure that they are up-to-date on their vaccines and well-child physicals.  We will periodically send out reminder post cards when your child is due for a physical, medication review or vaccine. When you receieve a post card, please call our office to schedule your child's next appointment.