We provide comprehensive pediatric services, so you don't have to be shuffled around


Our desire is to make Worthington Pediatrics a family-centered medical home for your child. We accomplish this through our extensive list of services, excellent providers, and caring staff. We seek to provide the highest level of pediatric care in the context of an ongoing relationship between us and your family. 


You will find an overview of our comprehensive services below.


Well-Child Checkups.

Our well-child exams focus on preventative care and include the following.

  • Vision and hearing screens 

  • Developmental surveillance

  • Nutritional assessment

  • Socio-emotional health screening

  • Environmental exposure screen

  • Anticipatory guidance

  • Oral health,

  • In-house well-child blood work when indicated

Newborn Services.
  • Hospital visit after birth if baby is born at North Florida Regional Medical Center

  • In-office circumcision

  • Feeding and lactation assistance and support

  • Developmental surveillance

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • In-house lab testing as indicated including bilirubin and PKU screening

Skincare and treatments.
  • Treatment for rash and allergies

  • Acne treatment and management

  • Mild chemical peels for acne

  • Wart cryotherapy, and acid therapy

Complex medical care.
  • Medical home and complex care coordination for children with autism, ADD or ADHD, PANDAS, autoimmune disease, specialized nutritional needs, school or learning difficulties,  developmental disabilities, and many others

Behavior and Mental Health.
  • Consultation (parent only, and/or parent and child)

  • Screening and standardized testing 

  • Referral if indicated

In-House Laboratory Services and Procedures.
  • Venipuncture (blood draw)

  • Newborn bilirubin and PKU testing 

  • In-grown toenail removal/treatment

  • Wart cryotherapy and acid treatment

  • In-house Complete Blood Count testing

  • In-house urine analysis, with in-house lab for plated culture readings 

  • Rapid strep testing, and in-house lab for plated culture readings 

  • Rapid flu testing

  • Rapid MonoSpot testing

  • RSV testing

  • Spirometry and breathing treatments for asthma

  • In-house sed-rate (inflammation) testing

  • DTM fungal testing

  • IV line placement (Monday-Friday)

  • Oral rehydration assistance

  • Sutures/stitches placement and removal

  • Blood gucose test and monitoring

  • Vision and hearing screening, including newborn hearing screen


Prenatal Services.

Welcome to this exciting stage! We offer complimentary services for expectant parents.


We are here to review your questions or preferences regarding vaccines for your children.

  • Well child immunizations

  • Flu-Shot offered on walk-in basis during flu season

Sports Physicals.
  • Full physical exam, including all preventative care and screenings covered in well-child exam

  • Athlete-specific anticipatory guidance including sports injury risk, prevention, concussion and injury recognition, etc.

  • Review and completion of all sports forms.

Asthma & Allergy Management.
  • Asthma education and medication management

  • Breathing treatments

  • Spirometry

  • In-house blood allergy testing

  • Allergy treatment and evaluation

Child and Adolescent Obesity.
  • Assessment and patient-centered treatment plan

  • Nutritional resources and information

  • Consultation and assessment

  • Evaluation and diagnosis

  • Medication management and refill

  • School IEP and accomodation support

  • IVA-CPT Computer Testing for ADD/ADHD

  • In-depth discussion about chronic health concerns, behavior, diet, development, etc.

Developmental Evaluation.
  • Assess physical, emotional, social growth and maturity

  • Motor and language development 

  • Academic progress and learning skills